The Reggae Magic was formed by musicians whose lives are dedicated to Reggae Music consisting of members who have grown up hearing and playing music from an early age.

They have toured and worked extensively with some of the world's greatest Reggae Artists such as Dennis Brown, Gregory Isaac, Alton Ellis, Frankie Paul, Pato Banton, Apache Indian to mention just a few.

They have come together to Present some of the Greatest Reggae Hits to the world, all of which are regularly aired on National Radio stations worldwide.

There was a time in the 1960's and 70's when, Ska, and Reggae were all played on the same AM or FM radio stations, when reggae tracks brought from Jamaica would need to be blended with elements of American and British music in order for it to have a wider appeal.

"Since the state of popular music at the time made it easy for musicians to add musical hooks that would appeal to audiences worldwide, respect is due to any tribute band or act like The Reggae Magic who emulate these chart topping Reggae bands with distinction!"

With their Vibrant, unique and energetic show, they intend to keep you dancing, singing and grooving all night to your favourite Reggae songs.

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